Help the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation bring relief to victims of Hurricane Dorian.


Help the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation restore Grand Bahama back to health.

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Dropoff goods and trailers to our North Palm Beach, Florida warehouse.
We handle all paperwork and ship them to Grand Bahama. Our on ground logisitics distributes relief.

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If you are a company or volunteer organization who wants to donate funds, goods, or services for relief efforts please fill out this form to get into our database.

BBC: Grand Bahama Island After Hurricane Dorian

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation’s Noel Clarke speaks with BBC on the State of Grand Bahama Island after Hurricane Dorian. Watch the video.

Local Updates

Goods Needed

Please see attached list put together from technical team of Basic/Common Building Materials to help affected G.B.I. residents rebuild (note no quantities given and it is not intended to be all inclusive): [  ]2"×4" P.T. Wood (studs) [  ]2"×6" P.T. Wood (studs &...

Grand Bahama Children’s Home Needs Your Help

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. 32 children (12 girls and 20 boys, ranging in age from 3 months to 14 years) had to be bundled up and evacuated to a shelter late at night, in the middle of the storm, as flood waters rose around them...

Message from GBDRF Chairman Rupert Hayward

Message from GBDRF Chairman Rupert Hayward

As I come up for air I wanted to say this – I know there is still much work to be done but I need to say how humbled I am to be part of this community. What has been achieved over the last few days has been nothing short of incredible - I know there is still so much...

Sufficient Fuel for Motoring Public

The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited has been advised by Freeport Oil Company Limited that more than enough fuel is available to adequately supply the motoring public with no interruption in service. Please be reminded to exercise caution and care while waiting to...

Missing Persons Hotline

NOTICE ON MISSING PERSONS HOTLINE Social Services has a dedicated hotline for reporting missing people from Hurricane Dorian. Once a person is reported missing to the hotline, Social Services will check this information against lists of evacuees, ship manifests,...

Baleria Special Offers For Grand Bahama

The below information should assist anyone who needs to access Freeport during this relief and recovery phase. All of the details are included to allow for direct bookings: UNTIL SEPTEMBER 20TH: Freeport - Fort Lauderdale free ONE WAY transportation for all those are...

World Press: ‘Grand Bahama Right Now is Dead’

World Press: ‘Grand Bahama Right Now is Dead’

'Grand Bahama right now is dead': A firsthand look at Dorian's destruction Three CNN journalists recount what it was like to ride out the storm and emerge to its aftermath Comments: There are errors in the CNN report (see below), but overall it is well written and...

Registered Charity

As an umbrella organization GBDRF distributes goods to individuals and other local charities in need of relief.


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