Daily Update: Monday November 18th 2019

  • We fulfilled 6 orders today for 2 local churches, 1 church in Abaco and 3 other requests.
  • Local churches serviced were Living Water and Faith Holiness, both in Freeport.
  • Total families serviced were 50 with 271 people and 10 babies.
  • Full Gospel Assembly in Treasure Cay, Abaco picked up food and hygiene items for 2 families who will be traveling back to Abaco tomorrow.
  • Food, Blankets, and hygiene items were provided for an elderly man in Bevan’s Town who is currently homeless and living on his property.
  • 8 patients and 2 families from the Kidney Centre were serviced with food, hygiene, and water.
  • Pastor MacIntosh picked up a pallet of water.
  • In addition to Pastor MacIntosh, 29 cases of water were distributed with other orders.

Daily Update: Friday November 15th 2019

  • We fulfilled 5 orders today for the Freeport area, servicing 57 families with 156 people and 4 babies
  • Best Life Faith and Prayer Healing and Deliverance picked up food and hygiene items
  • Bahamas Methodist Habitat picked up 25 tarps, a case of hygiene wipes, 8 pairs of works gloves, paper products and 20 gallons of water. They are working on repairing roofs in several communities.
  • Royal House of H.I.M. picked up 50 lbs of dog food and 10 pounds of bagged dried beans
  • 7th Day Adventist picked up 40 cases of water

Daily Update: Monday, November 11th, 2019

  • We serviced 3 churches from Freeport; Lighthouse International, Bethel Deliverance, and House of Hope.
  • Total families serviced were 54 with 163 people and 10 babies.
  • Miracle Revival picked up a case of Ensure.
  • 143 boxes of food, paper products and hygiene items were delivered to Hudson Estates.

Daily Update: Friday, November 8th, 2019

  • We fulfilled 4 orders today for 3 churches and one community group.
  • Churches serviced were CrossReach (Lucaya Presbyterian) , St. Jude’s Angelican and Living Water.
  • Communities serviced were Freeport, Bootle Bay, Smith’s Point, and various parts of the island through Cross Reach.
  • Total Families serviced was 104 with 320 people and 10 babies.
  • Social Services picked up rice and hygiene products for 80 of their employees.
  • We distributed 20 cases of water.

Daily Update: Thursday, November 7, 2019

  • We fulfilled 13 orders for 8 churches, 3 schools and 2 community groups.
  • Churches serviced were Church of God, Mount of Blessings, Believer’s Worship, First Holiness, Eternal Light, Shiloh Baptist, Restoration Evangelistic and Living Water.
  • Areas serviced through ministries were Freeport and Eight Mile Rock.
  • Total families serviced was 318 with 807 people and 125 babies.
  • An additional 375 people received items through school and community distributions.
  • The Girls Empowerment Club received hygiene items, wipes feminine products and snacks for 165 girls.
  • The Beacon School received diapers, Depends, hygiene items, snacks and wipes for 43 teachers and 107 children.
  • Maurice Moore Primary received 60 boxes of food and hygiene items for their teachers.
  • Hugh Campbell Primary School received 63 boxes of food and hygiene items for their teachers. 
  • Coral vita volunteers picked up food, paper products and hygiene items   for 7 families in High Rock.
  • We distributed 110 cases of water.