What Goods To Donate

Important for those located outside Florida: Before you collect goods from outside Florida to donate them to us please click here.



Good Needed

Immediate Relief (for the next 30 days or more — the hurricane relief order makes these VAT & Duty Free only until October 2nd)

  • bottled water
  • clothing
  • food for personal consumption
  • personal hygiene products

Immediate and Long Term (for the next 90 days —  VAT & Duty Free for 90 days from September 2nd. 2019).

  • Medicine and Medical Supplies
  • Tents and Cots
  • Bedding Materials
  • Mosquito netting
  • Electrical generator

Immediate and Long Term

  • Building Materials
  • Electrical fixtures and materials
  • Plumbing fixtures and materials
  • Household furniture
  • Furnishings and Applicances
  • Other items –Approved by Ministry of Finance (requires adiditonal form)

Click here from our drop off location in North Palm Beach, Florida.



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